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Life Coaching is a relationship. So I want to give you a good overview about my working and personal background. This may give you a good first feeling of how we fit together.



10 years working experience in the german industry as Project Manager, IT Project Leader, Release Coordinator and Recruitment Consultant. I worked in each type of company: A big international company with worldwide 300k, an media agency with 1,5k and an start-up with 10 employees. Now I’am experiencing to work in my own company. In my last job I already coached employees while finding their next dream job for them.

Beside working 1 month in romania, bucarest, I traveled around the world to meet new people to expand my thinking, get to know other cultures and grow while traveling and being out of my comfort zones. I have been yet in cambodia, thailand, australia, california, fiji-Islands, argentina, columbia and the bahamas islands. Moreover in Europe (Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, romania, spain).

I travel mostly low-budget with my backback and solo. Often via couchsurfing or hostels. This is the best way for me to meet a lot of people and get to know myself and others better and better.

I like to go to “growth” places like yoga-mediation retreats, living with monks in a buddhist temple without saying anything (Vipassana) or learning completely new things like becoming a professional thai masseur in thailand.

When I work and don’t travel, I love to invite other cultures to my place via couchsurfing. As I was always looking for a opportunity to volunteer in social area, I’am helping people from all over the world as an active listener at, which is a online platform for people who are looking for an active, emphatic and curious listener to feel better / make a change.

Friends, clients and travel-mates describes me with:
#open-minded #positive #authentic #emphatic #curious #helpful #trustfully
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