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Learn how to survive the German winter ;)

You may know it already or you may will experience it: German winter can be tough! From October to February less sun but many clouds, rain, wind and dark weather.

Here comes the good part: You can do some very easy things to instantly feel better, warmer and also more energized.

For vitamin D and daylight EVERY DAY

- 20 min daylight per Phillips Energyup lamp

- Solarium (sunbed) 1-2x / month

- Walks / outdoors: Refuel daylight, even when the sun is not shining.

- Take some fresh air (3x outside 15min or longer)

To warm up

- Sauna / hot/cold changing showers / hot baths / weekly

- Warm food and spices. Avoid cold + dairy products.

- (cardio) sports

- Solarium 1-2 x / month

- Tighten warm. Onion principle. Quality winter jacket for 300€. It's worth it ;)

- Tea's, especially extra warming (Yogi Cinnamon Tea)

- Hot organic seed pillow to heat in the microwave / oven for muscle relaxation or just to get warm

Secret tip

Wake up with an Philips Daylight alarm. More about waking up, routines and energy in the morning in this article.

UPDATE: My newest and most fantastic item to stay warm in the winter: An electric blanket!!

I have this one as you can use it for sleeping lying on it or as a normal blanket on the couch!



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