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The morning routine of a life coach...

You may heard about it: A good morning routine in the morning!

Many successful and happy people are doing that already every day. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone has their own morning routine.

It is important, that you choose actions in the morning which are good for you. In physical, psychical and also life area way like career goals.

So, as a little inspiration, I will show you now my current morning routine:

  1. I wake up at 6:30am by nature bio-rhythm or Phillips Daylight.

  2. I feel and observe my breath & body for 2min. Getting aware of where I am and what I want to reach.

  3. I sit on my bed and do 5 min some neck and shoulder stretch and movement exercises.

  4. I go to my meditation pillow & yoga mat.

  5. Start 15 min two different breathing exercises

  6. And directly afterwards an 30 min sitting breathing / concentration meditation.

  7. Warm vegan cinnamon porridge with honey and fruit salad on top! (+ sometimes nuts ;). After some time you just need 15-20 min for the full breakfast! From going in the kitchen until eating and leaving the kitchen! ;)

Especially the short but slowly breakfast in the morning is a time for me with high value. Beside the hectic and speed, the day may will increase, this time is quit, best without smartphone and just with yourself/or with your partner, doing something good for yourself. Good food, good mood, good time ;)

This blog article may motivated you now for some hours or days. To implement a

Natur Blatt

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